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Press release “Horsemeat scandal”

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Horse meat is one of the healthiest meats for human consumption. The meat is low-fat, iron-rich and abundant in vitamin B. Numerous physicians recommend the consumption of horse meat. We condemn the fraud that has been uncovered with respect to the abusive use of horse meat. We promise our full collaboration to uncover the origins of the fraud, to guarantee free choice for consumers with respect to their nutrition and protect the reputation of the horse meat sector.

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The Chevideco product offer covers a large assortment, from carcass to steak. Let’s dip at random into the wealth of the product range: quarters, pistolas, boned meat, vacuum-wrapped meat, prepacked consumer packages and frozen meat. All of this, meticulously processed, cut up or prepared in compliance with the specific wishes of the customer.

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Until this very day, live horses are bought on a selective basis and processed according to the recommendations made by the customers. In addition, the Chevideco company also imports fresh chilled and frozen horsemeat from different continents and delivers to customers all over Europe and beyond. In a word, Chevideco stands for service from “producer” to “consumer”.

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